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MikeThieves busy in Valley
One has got to be concerned about the rash of burglaries that have taken place in Valley or nearby, in recent weeks. This past weekend was particularly busy. Personally, and I probably shouldn’t say this publicly, but I have always felt Chambers County to be a relatively safe area, and thus so, rarely lock my car or home.
After reading a popular social media site in the last few days, I’ve changed my mind. Thefts are occurring at an alarming rate- at least they were last weekend.

Here’s a sampling:
-Early in the morning on October 4 a truck was stolen from a well-known community activist who has helped dozens of families in their time of need. The late model Ford F150 was used to deliver items to families in need. The same activist started the Christian Center in Valley, and on the same day, that too was broken in to.

One has to wonder what deranged individual would steal a truck that has been specifically used to help so many in the Valley area. Police really to focus on capturing this thief.

-a day earlier a 2005 black Mercedes was reported stolen. Again, brazenly swiped from the individual’s driveway.

-also on October 4, a Mule 610 XC tied down on top of a red utility trailer was again absconded right out of the driveway of a home in Valley.

-On the same day a utility work trailer was taken from a business in Valley.
Valley Police Department reports indicate six thefts were reported on their Oct. 5 log. On Oct. 6, another three thefts were reported. The October 2 log indicated there were three thefts.

Those are only the reported thefts. There are certainly more. One report after another is popping up on Facebook. Thieves had a field day last weekend, stealing trailers and ATV’s, and in some instances, trucks in Valley. Many are surmising it is a ring of thieves, that swept in to Chambers County, and grabbed what they could, and left.

Most of the crimes happened in the wee hours of the morning, when most folk are sleeping soundly in their beds. Most of the stolen items were parked in a driveway a yard, where thieves could pull up and have easy access.
I know the Valley Police Department, as well as other departments in Chambers County are on the look out and increasing their presence at this time of the night. It will be much more difficult for thieves to get away with their dirty deeds for the time being.

However, that’s no consolation for the several families that had their prized possessions taken this last weekend. I’m particularly upset about the Christian Center and the pick-up truck that was taken from them. That place and the people that started it, are truly blessed by God, and should not have to deal with this setback.
I hope law enforcement finds the thieves and the stolen goods and pounds a nail in to the coffin of thefts in the Valley and Chambers County.