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Moody certified as mayoral winner


By Alton Mitchell

The residents of the city of LaFayette have come out in masses last week to chose the cities new mayor. After more than 800 voters spoke Mayor Barry Moody successfully gained re-election in the runoff race for LaFayettes next Mayor.

In the August election Mayor Barry Moody and Kenneth Vines were neck and neck in the race with only a small margin of voters between the two men resulting in the runoff. That runoff took place last Tuesday and while still a close race Moody was re-elected as LaFayettes Mayor.

At Monday evenings city council meeting the results of the election were submitted to the council. City Clerk Louis T. Davidson presented the results. Davidson gave a breakdown of how the numbers displayed for each of the cities two voting machines and what the results were for each. He also announced what the absentee ballots had displayed for each candidate.

In the end Moody earned 451 votes to beat out Vines who obtained 375 votes for a total of 826 votes submitted. There were also 5 provisional absentee ballots that were disqualified and not counted in the total. These votes had technical and clerical issues that prevented them from being valid and were disqualified.

Mayor Moody will take office on November 7th, 2016 in the position of Mayor for the city of LaFayette. A certificate of election was also presented at Mondays council meeting that shows Moody is the winner.