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Moody, Reese headed to runoff in mayor’s race


LaFayette will have a new mayor in November, but after Tuesday’s municipal election it is still unclear who that individual will be.

In the four-man race for the city’s highest  elected office, Barry Moody and current District A councilman Cornelius Reese are headed to a runoff.

Moody received 331 votes, or 40 percent, while Reese totaled 249 votes, or 30 percent.

Totals for the two other candidates were 235 votes, or 28 percent, for Robert Finley and 16 votes, or two percent, for Robert Gardner.

There were 28 provisional ballots cast in the election. Those will be checked for thier validity on Tuesday, September 4th at the Board of Registrars. The possibility exists that Finley could surpass Reese and face Moody in the runoff. Finley would need 15 additional votes for that to happen.

Approximately 39 percent of LaFayette’s registered voters cast their ballots on Tuesday at City Hall. There are 2,123 registered voters in the city and of those, 831 voted in the municipal election.

There were a total of 61 absentee ballots cast, with 10 in District A, 24 in District B, three in District C, 14 in District D and 10 in District E.

Moody and Reese will face each other in a runoff election scheduled for October 9th.

“I feel blessed tonight to have such a wonderful family that supported me throughout this race,” Moody said after the results were announced. “I’m so thankful for everyone who gave me the opportunity to be the leading vote-getter. We’ve got a great community, and had a lot of supporters. We went out door-to-door and we were welcomed throughout this great city.

‘We’ve got work to do, this city needs strong leadership and I’m ready to provide that leadership. I’m going to keep working and visiting people to let this community know how important this is to me. I believe in this city and in the people that live here and I know that we can make LaFayette a better place for ourselves, for our families and for the generations that follow.”

Reese, who has served on the LaFayette City Council since 1992, was unavailable for comment following the announcement of the election results.