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More officers equals less crime in LaFayette


It has been a little
over three months since
LaFayette swore in their
newest police Chief,
George Rampey. In
less than a quarter of
the year, Rampey has
created dynamic change
that has mimicked the
reputation of the police
department that carries a
reputation of great com-
munity policing and low
crime rates.
The efforts of Chief
Rampey are most visible
in the streets of LaFay-
ette, where there is a
highly visible display of police officers patrolling
the city and assisting
in keeping LaFayette’s
crime rates relatively
low in comparison to
neighboring communi-
The number of police
officers on the street
responding to calls is
mainly due to the efforts
of the department in
hiring three new officers
just since Rampey has
been chief. The hiring of
officers and retention of
police officers is some

thing that many mu-
nicipalities struggle with.
LaFayette has secured
three in less than three
months and has room
for one more officer and
a soon to be hired code
enforcement officer that
will work closely with
the investigation’s divi-
sion of the department.
The new hires have
made room for several
promotions in the depart-
ment which were high-
lighted at a city council
meeting last month. Of-
ficers in the department
call themselves a big
family and that has been
reflected in their efforts
of the community.
Several commu-
nity policing programs
continue to drive the
departments reputation
of being a positive outlet
with the LaFayette com-
munity. Since Rampey
has been chief the youth
police academy has
celebrated the graduation
of several cadets this
Officers continue to
create lasting community
relations with programs
like the ride along pro-
gram the department has
in place and the recently
started neighborhood
watch program which
held its inaugural meet-
ing last week.
While community
relations with police
show struggles in many
areas of the nation the
efforts of the LaFayette
Police Department defy
the trend seen in most
cities across the nation
and offer a positive re-
source for people in this
community to maintain
trust in their local law
enforcement body