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More problems for the Governor


Paul Richardson

Acquisitions are now public, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is accused of having an affair with top Aide Rebeka Caldweld Mason.

Gov. Bentley denied having a physical affair with Mason but has admitted to making inappropriate comments in 2014. He apologized to his family and the state of Alabama for making a mistake.

An audio recording at the center of the allegations was made public on last week in which Bentley can be heard having a very sexually explicit conversation with Ms. Mason.

This apparently answers many questions regarding the Governor’s recent divorce, in which all records were sealed.

But we all knew it was serious. People do not end 50 year marriages on a whim.

State Auditor Jim Zeigler has filed an ethics complaint against the Governor and Mason.

Zeigler’s report to the Alabama Ethics Commission launches a formal, legal investigation into the governor’s “misuse of state property, and the legality of Senior Political Advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason’s status either as a public official or a lobbyist, and the Governor needs to be truthful with the people of our state, about the nature of Ms. Mason’s employment with his office.”

In light of the alleged affair, many people across the state, as well as several members of the state legislature are calling for Bentley’s resignation.

All this comes just after the Governor announced huge pay raises for the rest of his immediate staff. This had led to speculation that those enormous raises were nothing more than hush money, payments to keep everyone quiet.

State Auditor Zeigler stated that his investigation of the Governor’s action is “not personal, but the public has a right to know the truth.”