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New council people to be sworn in Monday


By Alton Mitchell

Things are changing in the city of LaFayette and a passing of the torch ceremony will take place on Monday Evening at LaFayette’s City Hall as new members of the City’s elected positions will officially be sworn in and begin their service to the city.

On last Monday several members of LaFayette’s City Council sat in on their last meeting of the current term as city council members. In the audience newly elected council members watched and observed the previous established business that they must now carry on in the best interest of LaFayette’s residents

Several newly representatives will take office on Monday night they include District A representative Neil McCurdy. Neil McCurdy defeated Incumbent Terry Mangram with 57% of the vote in the August election.
The District B seat was up for grabs as longtime councilman David Ennis decided not to run for re-election after nearly two decades serving the residents of LaFayette. Matthew Hurst will take over as representative of District B after winning in the election with 58% of the vote.

LaFayette’s District C will now be represented by Toney B. Thomas who won in the largest margin in the August election with 87% of the vote. District C was previously represented by council man Erick N. Vines who decided to not seek re-election. District D of the city council will see no changes as Councilman Michael C. Ellis returns to represent his district again as he ran unopposed in the election.

Residents of District E voted to keep councilwoman Tammie B. Williams as their council representative for the next four years. Councilwoman Williams won with an astounding 74% of the vote. Barry Moody will return as LaFayette’s Mayor again after a close call and ultimate runoff election victory in October.

Elected officials will be sworn in on Monday November 7th, at 6:00 p.m. at LaFayette’s City Hall in downtown. New council members will have a lot on their table as they enter the city in a time when great transition is occurring as new businesses are locating to the city and infrastructure improves throughout LaFayette continue to emerge such as the new City Hall and New City Park projects become a reality.