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No decision made on solar abatements


Both firm, county expect tax breaks to happen

By Alton Mitchell

Three big names are circulating around the LaFayette area and all three mean big business, jobs, and a massive investment in the LaFayette and Chambers County community. Those three names are Origis Energy, Walmart, and Alabama Power Company. The three companies are all involved in the plans to bring a major solar power plant to the city of LaFayette. On last week members of the Chamber County Commission met and released more information about the tax abatements Origis Energy may receive for locating the plant locally.

County Commissioners are pushing for a negotiated ten year abatement with Origis Energy. That ten year abatement will grant abatement status to Origis on ad valorem tax and the sales and use tax. These abatements will center on those taxes related to the operations of Origis, however no abatements are being granted on taxes that are used toward public schools.

The meeting on Tuesday Morning was by the Chambers County Commissions Rules, Ways, and Means Committee. Members of the Chambers County Development Authority were also present at the meeting to provide details on the abatement. No decision was made, but the meeting on Tuesday morning centered more on an information gathering session for the project. While the project comes more closer together it appears that all the ducks are lining up in a row and both the Chambers County Commission and city of LaFayette are pushing for the project to begin rising from the dirt.