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Obscure Artists, Politics Take Over Grammys

Obscure Artists, Politics Take Over Grammys


I thought I was a trendy sort of guy, on top of the latest music- that is until I began watching the Grammys last Sunday. If Kendrick Lamar’s unintelligible hip-

By Mike Wilcox, Publisher

hop and Jay Z’s latest album are the best we heard in 2017, I’m pathetically out of touch with modern day music.

While violence-ridden tracks like Lamar’s and Ed Sheeren’s (Best Song winner) displays a chorus that wants a woman’s body, presenter after presenter paraded to the podium proclaiming their disgust for sexual violence and their affinity for female equality.

Apparently Grammy voters didn’t realize this was the Year of the Woman. On top of disgusting song lyrics, voters chose only one female to win a major category award. That was Alessia Cara who was named best new artist.

The song of the year category featured four female icons and Ed Sheeren. Sheeren, who I think is an incredibly talented vocalist beat out Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, Lady Gaga and Pink, with his “Shape of You”, which in my opinion is one of his worst singles and rather sexist.

Although I was very familiar with the best song nominees, best album nominees were a mystery. There was a hip-hop guy named Childish Gambino- say what? And then there was the aforementioned Kendrick Lamar, who was nominated in the same category in 2015. There was JayZ who has been nominated a number of times and I don’t understand why. And there was Lorde, another repeat nominee, that is on no one’s playlist that I know.

Thank God, the fifth nominee and actual winner was Bruno Mars. Mars who has mirrored his career after Michael Jackson, is the ultimate showman who can sing as well. He deserved to win from this less than stellar group.

Just as an aside, I became disenchanted with the Grammys, when they discontinued the rock and roll category. Many of us grew up on the Led Zeppelin’s and Bon Jovi’s of the world and I am here to tell you despite what Grammy voters think, rock is not dead. My playlist has a number of awesome new rock and roll and alternative bands that deserved to be honored.

But enough said on the subject of awards. A greater issue to me was the blatant political tone of the broadcast. There was nary a presenter that didn’t get his or her jab in at Trump or championed the “Me Too” movement.

What I find comical is that most of these musicians are either not registered to vote or are not American citizens and therefore should not be able to spout off about politics.

I wonder about my 16-year-old son being influenced by musicians that are only a few years older, but think they know enough about politics to speak out? He is mature enough to formalize his own thoughts but there are probably many youngsters that follow in the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar or JayZ, emulating their political positions.

I now can’t wait for the Oscars. If we thought the Grammys were politicized, our Hollywood elites will soon take center stage and take dead aim on Trump.
I think the Grammys, Oscars and like shows should take a cue from Vince McMahon. Wrestling’s impresario announced like week that he will be starting a new professional football league. Players will abide by a code of conduct which includes a clause that they must keep their political views to themselves or risk suspension.

Can you imagine musicians and actors having to silence their views? Maybe we could view an award’s program that actually centered on the people winning awards, and not long-winded political diatribes on why Trump should be impeached.