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Officer sustains concussion in police pursuit


Hogansville, Georgia
Police officer is expected to
be ok after he was injured
in a head-on crash early
Sunday morning during a
vehicle pursuit involving
multiple agencies in West
Georgia along Interstate 85.
According to the
Hogansville Police
Department, police from
Grantville, Georgia located
in Coweta County were
pursuing a vehicle south on
Interstate 85. As the chase
exited neighboring Meri-
wether County and entered
Troup County the suspects got off on exit 28, Highway
54. The fleeing driver fled
towards Bass Cross Road
near the Loves Truck Stop.
As they neared the truck
stop the vehicle turned
around and entered back
onto Bass Cross Road.
Officer Chris Samra of
the Hogansville Police
Department was respond-
ing to join in the pursuit
in his Dodge Charger. As
Officer Samra neared the
truck stop on Bass Cross
Road the suspect vehicle
exited the parking lot of
the Love’s Truck Stop and
hit Officer Samra’s cruiser
head-on. Officer Samra sustained
injuries in the crash and
was transported by AMR
ambulance to Piedmont
Midtown Medical Center
in Columbus, Georgia for
treatment. Reports indi-
cate he was released later
on Sunday morning after
sustaining a concussion
and burns from the airbag
Hogansville Police con-
firm as a result of the crash
Officer Samra hit his head
pretty hard on the vehicles
computer and the steering
wheel of the vehicle was
bent. At the time of the
crash Officer Samra was
alert and conscious.
At the crash scene
Grantville Police were able
to take one person into
custody. Police have not
yet released the name of
that individual, but confirm
the individual was from
the Columbus, Georgia
area. The Georgia State
Patrol has taken lead on the