Home News One arrested when angry mob protests cemetery

One arrested when angry mob protests cemetery


Lanett Police were called
to Resthaven Memorial
Gardens Cemetery on July
5. Interim Police Chief
Johnny Wood said the
incident began when the
property manager began
removing items off graves
at Resthaven that are
against the rules. Police say
the property manager has
it posted that they reserve
the right to remove objects
outside the posted rules
and anything they deem
The removal, which was
assisted by the Chambers
County Sheriff, created a
firestorm on social media.
Within hours hundreds of
comments against Resthav-
en were posted on Facebook
and a throng of angry resi-
dents made their way to the
cemetery to check on the
graves of their loved ones.
Wood says police were
called to the cemetery and
one family member was so
upset at the situation she al-
legedly slapped the property
manager a few times in
front of police. Wood says
she was arrested and is now
out on bond.