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Online video touting school mergers asks for feedback


A video surfaced online
last week that is a joint ven-
ture between the Chambers
County School District
and the Chambers County
Development Authority. The
video is a precursor to an
upcoming survey that will
soon be released in Cham-
bers County about the pos-
sible future of local schools
and a possible consolidation
of educational opportunities
and resources.
The more than seven-
minute video features
educational, community,
government, and business
leaders as well as a handful
of local students expressing
the ideas of what if. The
idea is one that is being
explored by the Chambers
County School District and
Chambers County Devel-
opment Authority about a
possible consolidation of
educational resources in the
future of Chambers County.
“What I envisioned for
a consolidated high school
would be having all of our
resources and amenities,
what is available for our
students on one campus,”
Said Dr. Kelli Hodge in the
video. Dr. Hodge contin-
ues she explains that the
vision she has also includes
the latest in technological
upgrades for the school
and a much more efficient
Over the coming weeks
an online survey will be
released and posted for the
public to offer input on the
ideas expressed in the video.
Those ideas go hand and
hand with what Chambers
County has accomplished in
recruiting business and in-
dustry to the area and a con-
tinued growth of community
strength in the future.
A copy of the video is
available on the Chambers
County School Districts
Facebook page. The video
has received a mixed reac-
tion from residents in the
county and several online
rumors have began to
circulate. Those close to the
possible consolidation have
noted that nothing has yet
been set in stone and this is
just an information gather-
ing period to seek commu-
nity input. S
Several town hall meet-
ings are planned in the near
future to help get the facts
out about the possible con-
solidation and how it can
impact Chambers County
students. The survey is be-
ing used as a tool to allow
residents to express their
expectations and concerns.
Further announcements
about the town hall meet-
ings should be announced