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Park inching closer


By Alton Mitchell

LaFayette’s new city park is inching closer and closer to reality. The city of LaFayette has begun to receive some of the supplies and equipment that will be used in the new development. Also several dates of the project are now on the table establishing a timeline for the new park.
 City officials do confirm that they have received three deliveries of equipment that will be used in the new park. Among those newly delivered items are 80 tons of mulch and 16 pallets of playground equipment including one that is 15 foot long pallet. Those items have been moved to various storage locations by city workers.

In addition to the delivery of the items to be used in the new park, city officials have also began burning some land in the location of the park. This is preparing the land for the upcoming construction.
 A few dates are now on the table for the park as well. On November 21st a revised Master Plan will be initiated for the park. A meeting will take place from 4-6 pm that will allow public input on one final occasion. The final master plan will be unveiled of the new city park in December.

 Many residents are anxious about what the new park will include several ideas have been tossed around by residents. The input of residents will be drafted along with the final master plan that will be disclosed in December.