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Paving done at Chambers Industrial Park


Commision MeetingBy Alton Mitchell

This past Monday the Chambers County Commission held their first meeting of the month of August at the County Courthouse in LaFayette. The Commission opened the meeting as usual with Commissioner David Eastridge calling the meeting to order and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as all in attendance rose to their feet and joined in the patriotic tradition. Immediately following the pledge, Commissioner Joe Blank led the room in prayer. During his Prayer Commissioner Blank prayed that a hard effort could be put in to ensure the best for Chambers County and all its residents. Upon that outspoken wish the tone of the meeting would follow.

The Commissioners first opened the meeting by allowing any member of the public time to address the commission about issues that may need to be brought before the commission. In the past two weeks it appears things were moving in a positive light as no citizens requested to address the commission.

The meeting would continue to move on with a positive vibe as Commissioner Debbie Wood offered an awards proclamation. The proclamation addressed a local organization Teal Magnolias and their supported work in raising awareness to ovarian and gynecological cancer in the Chambers County community. Commissioner Wood acknowledged that the month of September will be national ovarian cancer month.

Nan Galik of Teal Magnolias was on hand to accept the proclamation. Galik addressed the county commission shortly after accepting the award and offered her appreciation to the county commissioners for all they do to raise awareness to this deadly disorder. During the month of September Teal Magnolias will be placing teal ribbons around the Chambers County community to raise awareness for the disease that is the fifth killer of women in the United States.

The Chambers County Highway department also addressed the commission seeking approval for a maintenance agreement with the State of Alabama’s Department of Transportation. The agreement dealt with a new railroad crossing safety device going in place at the CSX railroad crossing located at County Road 388 and County Road 389. ALDOT is installing active devices at that intersection which will include arms that go down to block the intersection as a train approaches.

The state had requested that Chambers County maintain the maintenance of the passive device approaching the crossing. These devices will include the warning signage on approach to the crossing. There will be eight devices total for the county to maintain, six of those have already been put in place. County Commissioners voted to approve the request and will maintain those passive devices only, while the active devices will be maintained by the State Department of Transportation.

The highway department was also pleased to announce to the commission that paving has been completed at the industrial park located off exit 70 off Interstate 85 in the county. There is still some more cosmetic work to be completed at that site, but the paving portion has been completed.

The county highway department gave an update on drainage improvements currently going on in conjunction with the city of LaFayette along Alabama Avenue. The drainage and pipework occurring at that site near LaFayette High School may only be the tip of new improvements to that area as it was hinted that shortly after the completion of that work new paving improvements may be taking place along Alabama Avenue in LaFayette.

Before adjourning the meeting the Chambers County Commission reminded the audience that the next meeting would be moved from August 17th to August 10th at 4 p.m. Central time at the county courthouse.