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PD initiates neighborhood watch


The LaFayette Police
Department is inviting the
community out to learn
more about starting a neigh

borhood watch program in
LaFayette. While LaFayette
enjoys low crime, rates com

pared to many neighboring
municipalities the program
that local police are looking
to put in place is seen as a
community relations build

ing opportunity as well.
Sgt. Nathan White, of the
LaFayette Police Depart

ment is leading the program.
Sgt. White was recently
promoted to the rank of
investigator and has found
this type of program as
successful in other com

Sgt. White sees the
program as one that allows
residents to engage with
police in a positive manner
aside from being pulled over
or a family tragedy. “This is
your town. We are doing our
best to improve it,” said Sgt.
The meeting on Thursday
night will be held at LaFay

ette First Baptist Church in
the fellowship hall at 6:30
p.m. The meeting will focus
on how to organize and pro

mote a local neighborhood
project as well as general
questions for police. The
entire community is invited
to attend.