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Police confirm no shots fired in Walmart on Thanksgiving


An online post on
Thanksgiving created quite
a scare around parts of
Chambers County as fears
that an active shooter may
have been present at a local
department store began to
circulate on social media.
Police have since con-
firmed that there was not a
shooting and no shots were
fired at the store.
As Black Friday shop-
pers converged on the
Valley Walmart on 20th
Avenue on Thanksgiving
night looking for the best
holiday deals rumors began
to circulate that a distur-
bance had occurred inside
the store and person had
brandished a gun during
that dispute. The rumors
went on further to suggest
that shots had been fired
inside the business.
Valley Police have
since confirmed that there
was not a shooting at the
business nor any shots
fired. According to Valley
Police around 8:00 eastern
time on Thursday night
an intoxicated individual
entered the Valley Walmart
store and became disor-
Valley officers arrived to
take the man into custody
and he ran away. Officers
pursued the man in a short
foot chase before he was
captured and taken into
custody. Police did have
to use a taser to subdue
the suspect in the incident.
The suspect in the incident
has been identified as Key
Pruitt, 30-years-old. Pruitt
has been charged with pub-
lic intoxication, disorderly
conduct, attempt to elude,
and resisting arrest. Addi-
tional charges are pending
against Pruitt.
The incident happened
hours before gunfire erupt

ed inside of Alabama’s
largest indoor shopping
mall, The Riverchase
Galleria in Hoover. The
incident left two people in-
jured and one-person dead
after being shot by a police
officer responding to the
incident. An investigation
is now ongoing into that
shooting and its circum-