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Political outsiders have chance to make a difference


MikeAlthough I would call myself a “political junkie” I have refrained from writing about Donald Trump’s candidacy because all the establishment political pundits consider Trump “a flash in the pan.” Interestingly enough, he has defied all of their predictions, and continues to lead the GOP presidential pack by double digits.

How can this be? The Republican establishment has done all they can to try and make him go away. He continues to insult anyone who comes to mind. He has yet to seriously discuss any policy issues, yet there he is, atop all polls- and has been for the last couple of months.

Could it be, that the voting electorate is sick and tired of our do-nothing President and Congress? Could it be that they are tired of the political correctness that permeates D.C. and fans out to every State in the Union? Could it be that we demand a fresh face, one that isn’t a politician, one the isn’t afraid to stand up and say what he believes, whether we believe it or not?

I know that is me. President Obama, has done nothing in my opinion, but hurt the middle class financially (i.e. Obamacare) and weakened our position as a world power. I had hopes that the Republican Congress would be able to change these situations for the better but McConnell and Boehner have nothing.

What you get out of D.C. is all sorts of rhetoric. After all we elect our leaders based on how well they speak so what she we expect? We get debate winners, mostly lawyers, who can talk a great game, but when it comes to action- they run the other way. I’ve always said we would be better off if we elected those that speak softly, yet wield a “big stick.” It is time to stop saying what you’re going to do, and actually doing it.

Hence the gravitation towards Trump, and a lesser extent to Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorini, all political outsiders, who are more likely to act than yak. Together the three have 40% of Republican voters in a field of seventeen candidates. That means the other fourteen candidates are splitting 60% of the vote, with the next highest being former Governor Bush at around 14%.

The same phenomena is occurring on the other side of the aisle, although few believe Bernie Sanders will be able to overcome Hillary Clinton’s huge lead. Sanders has gained double digit percentage points on Clinton since the start of his underdog campaign. The theme again, seems to be the anti-establishment, not afraid to tell it like it is candidate versus the establishment, pandering to special interests candidate.

If I were a betting man I wouldn’t put my money on Trump, Carson, Fiorini or Sanders to ultimately win their party’s nomination. Heck the first primary is still a long way away, and a lot can change. Yet, in the summer of the Donald, it is refreshing to see so many people interested in the presidential candidates. In past years, politics would receive nary a yawn this far out, but Fox TV scored a 24 on the Neilson ratings when they broadcast last Thursday’s debate. That was by far away the highest rated cable show of all time.

Don’t tell me the ratings would be half that, without Trump. Because of his alternative message, and his willingness to “call out” do nothing politicians, he is getting many to tune in to the political process early. Whether you like it or not, that is a good sign for our Democracy.

I think his attack on Meghan Kelly and John McCain, were uncalled for. However I totally agree with his refusal to not rule out a third party candidacy. No one in the hierarchy of the Republican Party wants to see another Ross Perot. But why should Trump care? That same hierarchy has done nothing but bash him.

Whether you like him or not, and quite frankly I’m not sure whether I do, you must give him credit for “stirring the pot.” Maybe his bombastic rhetoric, will get the Republican leadership and other so-called politicians to pay more attention to the voters, and what we want, instead of special interests.