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Principal Bell’s Contract Not Renewed by Board Of Education

Dr. Frankie Bell

On Wednesday, the Chambers County Board of Education voted unanimously to not renew the contract of W.F. Burns Middle School principal Dr. Frankie Bell following the recommendation from Chambers County School Superintendent Dr. Kelli Hodge. After deliberating in executive session, the board came to a unanimous decision. Bell, whose contract was up for renewal was not retained based on the following:

Failure to comply with board procedures and policies

Failure to comply with Alabama law and board policy on school safety

Willful falsification of state records, which is a violation of both board policy and state law

Failure to evaluate certified employees, which violates the Alabama Board of Education and the local board’s policy

Violation of Standards 1 and 2 of the Alabama Educator Code of Ethics and violation of other state laws

Bell, who was placed on administrative leave in October was not terminated as an employee, but will not return to W.F. Burns Middle School as principal. “I’m ok. I still have my tenure and my benefits”, said Bell as she left the Chambers County School District’s administrative office.