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Promotions, new officers announced by LPD


It has only been a
couple of months since
longtime LaFayette
Police officer George
Rampey moved up in
the ranks and became
LaFayette’s newest chief
of Police. In the short
time Rampey has held
the position there have
been major personnel
changes and advance-
ments in ranks of the
department. On Monday
the LaFayette community
got a first hand look at
what is moving forward
in the LaFayette Police
Chief Rampey was on
hand at the city council
meeting along with three
new officers to recently
join the ranks of the
department. Rampey in

troduced the new officers,
Charlie Thompson, Jer

emy Reeves, and Lauren
Hughes. All three officers
recently joined the ranks
of the department and
are all APOST certified.
Chief Rampey also in-
formed council members
that he is still seeking to
hire one more officer in
the department.
Following the resig

nation of former police
Chief Ben Hill, Rampey
ascended to the rank of
Chief from Captain. The
move left a void in the
ranks of leadership for
LaFayette’s police force.
At Monday’s council
meeting Chief Rampey
announced several pro

motions in the department
to fill that void.
The first was Lt. Chris
Trice who was promoted
to the rank of Captain.
Chief Rampey presented
Captain Trice with his
new badge and captain
bars. The first promo

tion left a vacancy in
the Lieutenant position
at the department. Chief
Rampey quickly filled
that vacancy by promot

ing Sgt/Investigator Rod
-erick Brock to the rank
of Lt/Investigator Brock.
One final promotion was
announced at the meeting
and it was Sgt. Nathan
White who was promoted o the ran of Sgt/Investi

After announing the
new hires and promotions
to the department, Chief
Rampey promised mem

bers of LaFayette city
council and the residents
of LaFayette that he and
the members of his de

partment would do all the
can to serve the citizens
of LaFayette.
Councilwoman Tam

mie B. Williams thanked
Chief Rampey and all the
officers of the department
for their hard work and
efforts to keep LaFay

ette safe. She pointed
out that their hard work
and commitment is the
reason LaFayette does not
experience the crime re

lated problems that some
neighboring communities
have to endure.