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Pullen named to Rec Board


By Alton Mitchell

LaFayette continues to take efforts to revamp youth athletics in the city. At Monday evening’s city council meeting councilors made one new appointment to the city’s recreation board and also an important announcement about the development of a soccer program in the city.

LaFayette city councilman Toney Thomas made the announcement on the recommendation of Councilman Neal McCurdy to appoint Mrs. Twyla Pullen to the Recreation Board of LaFayette. Councilman McCurdy was not present at Monday’s meeting. The city council voted to approve Mrs. Pullen for appointment to the recreation board.

In addition to the appointment of Pullen, LaFayette city councilwoman Tammie B. Williams made a public announcement that the city is looking for persons interested in participating a youth soccer program. Councilwoman Williams is asking those interested in participating to contact her for information. As of right now Williams’s states she has 19 children that are interested in playing youth soccer in the city.

LaFayette City Clerk Louis Davidson also made an important announcement about members from the Opelika youth soccer program will make a trip to LaFayette on May 31st to supply city officials with information about how their youth soccer program is structured. No word on when youth soccer may come to LaFayette, but the current administration is taking proactive steps to bring the sport to the city.