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God Really Cares How do you react when
trouble comes?
Do you become pes-
simistic? Depressed? Are
you difficult to be around
because you lash out at oth-
ers? Do you find yourself
angry at God because things
haven’t turned out as you
hoped they would?
Few people have dif-
ficulty believing God cares
for them when things are
going well. But things do
not always go well.
This may be one of your
difficult days.
All the things you feared
might someday happen
seem to be happening and
you don’t know how to cope
with these disappointments.
What can you do to rise
above your circumstances?
Try relaxing in God’s
He really cares.God’s care for us is
shown in His creation.
In his book, “COUNT-
DOWN,” G.B. Hardy points
out a number of scientific
facts about the earth and its
relation to its atmosphere
and other planets that prove
the Creator’s care, writing:
“We now know the size
of our earth could not have
been a thing of chance. It
is exactly the right size for
the existence of life.” After
listing a number of these
“just rights,” he contrasts
the earth to other planets as
“These dead and dismal
moons and planets are a
witness to the providence
and genius of God. They
stand bleak in dazzling
light or eternal blackness,
in blistering heat or deadly
cold. They stand an eternal
witness to man of what his
world would be like if a lov-
ing God had not fashioned it
for life and comfort.”
Negative attitudes over-
come us when despair leads
us to conclude that some
areas of life lie outside the
circle of God’s love. This
kind of thinking compart-
mentalizes God and limits
our expectation of His care.
God’s love, so clearly
seen in creation and
redemption, extends to all
areas of life. All things that
concern God’s children con-
cern their heavenly Father.
According to the Bible, “all
things work together for
good to them that love God,
to them who are the called
according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).
On one of his down days,
Martin Luther heard a bird
singing its evening song;
then the sweet singer tucked
its head under its wing
and fell asleep. Describ

ing this experience, Luther
concluded: “This little bird
has had its supper and now
is getting ready to go to
sleep, quite content, never
troubling itself as to what
its food will be or where it
will lodge on the morrow.
Like David, it abides under
the shadow of the Almighty
(Psalm 92). It sits on its
little twig content and lets
God care.”
Are you hurting because
of pain or other unwanted
Not one of your prob-
lems has taken God by
Tell Him your troubles
and leave them with Him.
He understands and