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Regarding gun control


Dear Editor

This is based on the recent massacre at the school in the state of Florida and all others that have preceded it. First, my deepest sympathy is expressed to the families of these victims. People want to Blame the President. ….. Blame the NRA. If you are not aware the President nor the NRA ISSUES GUN PERMITS.

What did the FBI do?…… NOTHING…….what did the school do when this person enter the building carrying a back pact that was prohibited? NOTHING what did the students who saw this guy and admitted something was going to happen? …….NOTHING…. what did the deputy based at the school and even those who arrived on the scene do? NOTHING. These are the ones who share in the blame!!!!! Lives could have been SAVED if these groups had taken the proper action.
Someone will say we can’t blame the students why not? They saw this guy and knew his past and stated they knew something was wrong.

Also if I had a child who had lost their life in this situation I would find it not only disgraceful but an insult and a MOCKARY for those “laid down” at these protest rallies. You can raise the age to purchase a guy to 99 but when a person wants one they WI LL get one. Yes I admit that 14 in some states is too young to make this purchase. But there are more murders committed by hand guns that by assault weapon. If a person who in underage obtains alcohol drives while intoxicated and kill one person or several, who is too blame? Shall we blame the President? Shall we ban the use of vehicles? This person underage as he/sh~ may be shall always find what they want.

No one wants to take the blame today. Everyone wants to sue someone or a group for whatever reason. In New York a school cancelled the annual Father/Daughter dance because of fear of gender rights.

Schools need to be concerned about the education of the students first and foremost. Parents need to be parents and take the responsibility of raising I . their children. Fathers need to be lead~rs and provide and support their children.

DISCONNECT TIME: Parents are just as guilty as children spending

TOO MUCH time on social media. DISCONNECT encourages parents to first turn off their phone and not allow children to bring any type of electronics during meal time. (Yarmouth MASS a family was in a restaurant for a meal and the father told the son to turn off cell phone and the son physically attacked the 63 yr. old father in the face outside the restaurant)

Meal time should be a time to enjoy the meal and to COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. Disconnect encourage parent NOT to allow children to be locked in their bedrooms involved in the internet or other electronics.

OH MY, someone just yelled they have the right and someone yelled this is abuse. (Texas father arrested for thief after taking away 12 yr. old daughters cell phone) do you not believe these games promote violence today? The parent has the right, the duty, and the responsibility of raising their children and providing leadership and training them to be responsibility citizens. Again it is NOT the responsibility of the school to raise a child. Parents are to be parents and NOT their child’s best friend.

Parents must be involved in the life of their children. Unfortunately some parents want to live their life through their child’s. Some parents have no problem with the electronic baby sitter.

I read that someone stated that this event will result in these students making a change regarding gun control.

AGAIN YOU CAN RAISE THE AGE TO 99 BUT IT WILL NOT PREVENT THE PERSON(S) FROM OBTAINING THE WEAPON. We begin first with security in the school rather it be security systems or armed guards. But people must be responsible. Making reports without the fear of retaliation. Caring about their fellow classmate! Seeking help for those admit or demonstrate unusual behavior. And last, copy cats (including those who think it is a joke) should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law allowable.

Question here is it really a good idea to arm teachers with weapons/guns. You crying to ban weapons do you not think if a person wanted to do in class all they would have to do is overtake a teacher?

TEACHER AT DALTON HIGH SCHOOLIGA barricaded himself in class room after firing shoots. Leave teaching to the teachers and policing to the police/guards.
Yes the school building needs better and more secure monitoring. You can put an armed guard in the building but from what we saw will this work?
Oh, don’t you think there are countries that would love to see’America band assault weapons? Make us like a~sitting goose!

Randy Talley
LaFayette, L