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Remembering local soldiers that gave their lives for us


By Alton Mitchell

Chambers County is a community that is rich and well preserved in its history. Along with its history comes a strong commitment to its local military veterans and active duty personal. As local residents and the nation celebrated this past Monday’s Memorial Day holiday it is important to remember that over that past several wars this nation has faced residents of Chambers County and nearby bordering neighboring communities have given up their safety of home and volunteered for military service with several of those residents paying the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms of this nation. Below are the names of Chambers County residents and some bordering communities who were killed in action during conflicts dating from the Korean War to the present wars on terror.

1. Private Stanley H. Anthony, Army, Korean War Died: April 25, 1951 (Chambers Co)
2. Corporal Richard L. Barnes, Army, Vietnam Died: June 25, 1970 (Five Points)
3. Corporal Crayton L. Caldwell, Marines, Korean War, Died October 6, 1952 (Wadley)
4. Corporal Harold Calhoun, Army, Korean War Died October 7, 1951 (Chambers Co)
5. SP4 Robert O. Chambers, Army, Vietnam Died September 6, 1968 (Camp Hill)
6. Sergeant Brandon E. Hadaway, Army, Afghanistan Died May 30, 2007 (Valley)
7. Specialist Stephen D. Hiller, Army, Iraq Died April 5, 2004 (Waverly)
8. PFC Waymond L. Horne Marines, Korea Died August 18, 1950 (Lanett)
9. PVT. Wesley Johnson Army, Korea Died November 2, 1950 (Chambers Co)
10. PFC Francis L. Langley, Marines Vietnam Died January 11, 1967 (Waverly)
11. PFC Thomas L. Senn Marines, Vietnam Died February 18, 1968 (Lanett)
12. PVT Billy E. Smith Army, Korea Died July 12, 1950 (Chambers Co)
13. Sergeant Roy E. Thomas, Army, Vietnam Died February 6, 1966 (LaFayette)
14. Sergeant Roy D. Watts Army, Vietnam, Died April 20, 1966 (Lanett)
The following listed individuals make up only a fraction of the 1998 Alabamians who have died in military service since the Korean War. The above listed individuals are the true reason why we celebrate Memorial Day. They are all local heroes who will never be forgotten. The list goes much deeper as Chambers County residents have played a role in all military conflicts of this nation.