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Reporter pays a visit to Beauregard, Trump


This is Pam’s personal
account as she toured the
wreckage of Beauregard’s
E4 tornado, as well as
being onsite for President
Trump’s visit.
“We Love you all!” We
Love the state of Ala-
These were the words
that was spoken from
President Donald Trump
Friday in Beauregard,
AL, at the Providence
Baptist Church audi-
torium. The survivors
from the deadly tornado
storm that sweep through
Beauregard, AL, on last
Sunday listened to the
President’s condolences
to their families for the
victims that lost their
lives in the storm.
A crowd anxiously
awaited in Beauregard on
last Friday morning for
the Air Force One landing
at Lawson Army Airfield
in Fort Benning with
President Donald Trump.
e monitored via
satellite as he boarded a
helicopter to head to the
Auburn University Re

gional Airport to prepare
to head to Beauregard AL,
where a deadly tornado
storm came through on
last Sunday destroying
different areas in the
city and 23 people lost
their lives. Trump came
down to survey the storm
damages and meet the
families of the victims.
During T
rump’s speech
he commended Ivey and
FEMA for doing such an
incredible job.
Trump signed bibles,
hats and autographs dur-
ing his private time with
the families.
“I can’
t find words.”
“Where do you go
from here?”
“How do you pick up
the pieces?”
These were the words
of Barbara Rowdan, a
resident in Beauregard
AL. as I walked up she
and her daughter Olivia
was sitting in
lawn chairs
in front of
“what was
once her home,” but
now just concrete blocks
from what use to hold
her mobile home down
is now just holding down
“I just thank God I’m
alive. I don’t take it for
granted. Because God
loves me just like he love
the ones that lost their
lives in the storm, so I’m
not so much worrying
about what I have lost she
states. My condolences to
the families that lost love
ones in this terrible storm.
Barbara is a school
She and I walked
around for a couple of
hours talking, praying,
and hoping to run up on
some of her personal
items that had been blown
miles away from her
home and now is stacked
up and piled up in differ-
ent area of debris in the
Beaureard area.
Barbara and her daugh

ter Olivia was not home
when the storm hit on
Sunday. “We were at my
mother’s house, she lives
just a mile away from
me and the storm only
blew her fence down, she
Barbara states she
couldn’t recognize the
area where her home used
to reside after the storm.
But as she finally got a
chance to get through
all the trees, debris and
etc. to get to her drive
way and arrive home,
there was no home. What
used to be what she
called home had seem-
ing vanished away. Their
entire neighborhood was
now she and
Olivia are staying with
her mother until she finds
out “What to do next?”