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Residents seek more than basketball, football


By Alton Mitchell

LaFayette, Alabama a unique city of slightly more than 3,000 residents nestled in the heart of Chambers County. A city that is known for its unique Courthouse Square and home to boxing legend Joe Louis. LaFayette is also home to some of the best high school athletes in the state in the sports of basketball and football. However following last week’s LaFayette’s City Council meeting questions began to rise is there an untapped sector of talent in LaFayette?

Questions began to arise about LaFayette’s youth recreation programs and offering sports beyond football and baseball. Council members have begun to look into the possibility of adding additional sports in the future to possibility include soccer or more.

Resident Yolanda Ratchford brought the issue up of adding soccer or other sports to the city. Following the meeting last week Ms. Ratchford was asked what other activities or sports she would like to see implemented in the city of LaFayette for youth.

In addition to sports access to greater cultural offerings were mentioned by Ratchford. Activities such as art programs, band, and music programs could be outlets to the youth of LaFayette. Ratchford states that, “LaFayette may hold the next Picasso, not every child likes to be hit on a field.” As she continued she expressed the need to look beyond the traditional sports offerings.
LaFayette’s new City Park is becoming a reality in additional to inclusion of art and cultural programs at the new park items such as a new track or city pool may bring a new display of talent the city holds.

“LaFayette is not small, but a big city with a big heart. It’s not Birmingham, but can be a stronger LaFayette with greater growth and recreation,” explains Ratchford while discussing some of the potential the city holds. She also recommends that the city should look at some comparable cities to see what works there and if it can work here such as Macon County.