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Retiring Dentist Honored by City Council


With Council Members
Toney Thomas, Tammie Williams
and Charlotte Blasingame
present, and Council
Members Neal McCurdy and
Mike Ellis absent, Mayor
Barry Moody called to order
the regular LaFayette City
Council Meeting for September
23, 2019.
After the unanimous approval
of the Minutes of the
Sept. 6 Council Meeting,
the fi rst order of business
was a Recreation Department
Update by Mr. Kerry
Towles, who explained how
LaFayette had joined a
different football organization,
and that there would be
forthcoming an accounting of
Mr. Chris Busby of the
CCDA (Chambers County
Development Authority)
followed with a discussion
of Main Street Alabama
org), an organization
whose purpose is to
help communities organize
themselves for success,
improve the design of their
neighborhoods, promote their
districts, and enhance their
economic base. To become
a Mainstreet Community, it
is necessary to form a Main
Street Committee. Mr. Busby
recommended that there be
a preliminary meeting with
personnel of Main Street
Alabama, open to all those
who would be interested in
serving on a Main Street
Committee. Mr. Busby asked
for the Council’s agreement
to advertise such a meeting.
The Council voted to have
the meeting at 5:00 PM on
Nov. 12.
Because the Veterans Day
Holiday, Nov. 11, falls on the
second Monday of the month,
the Council voted to move
the regular November Council
Meetings from the second
and fourth Mondays to the
fi rst and third Mondays, Nov.
4th. and 18th.
The Sept. 17 Surplus
Property Sale was not a great
success. This was due in
part to the lack of publicity.
Only one 3” by 4” notice that
was published in the Sun for
two weeks and a notice was
posted on the City’s web site.
Also, the instructions were
not clear. There were no bids
for many of the articles, including
some of the vehicles,
and some bids were below
the minimum set for the item.
In one case, the department
head recommended not accepting
a bid even though
it was above the minimum.
The Council voted to accept
the department head’s recommendation,
and approved the
sale of the other items for the
high bids that were above the
minimum. Another sale will
be held to dispose of the remaining
items. The Council
authorized the City Clerk to
select a date and advertise
the sale.
City Clerk Louis Davidson
informed the Council that it
was time to select recipients
for the annual AMEA (Alabama
Municipal Electrical
Authority) scholarships for
Seniors whose homes receive
City of LaFayette electrical
service and who graduate
in the Spring of 2020. The
deadline to apply is Feb. 3,

  1. Details, including how
    to apply were published on
    page 3 of The Sun for Sept.
    City Clerk Louis Davidson
    reminded the Council that the
    Vines Funeral Home is having
    an unveiling ceremony
    at 10 AM on Sept. 26 for
    the historical marker for the
    Funeral Home, listed in the
    National Register of Historic
    Places. All are invited.
    Councilman Thomas asked
    what the time window is for
    picking up items bought in
    the Surplus Sale. This information
    had not been published.
    The Mayor decided
    that the items must be picked
    up before the auction of the
    remaining property.
    Councilwoman Tammie
    Williams used her time to
    ask Mr. Shannon Hunter to
    address the Council on the
    matter of “golf carts” being
    driven on City streets. Ms.
    Williams had raised this issue
    some meetings back, when
    she mentioned in particular
    that Councilwoman Blasingame
    operates her “Golf
    Cart” on City streets. Mr.
    Hunter stated that after some
    research, it appears that to
    be operated legally on public
    streets, such a vehicle must
    be licensed, insured and meet
    safety requirements, such
    as the use of seat belts. He
    provided the Mayor with the
    results of his research. Ms.
    Williams stated that this applies
    to City-owned vehicles
    as well. Ms. Blasingame
    explained that she was in the
    process of trying to become
    street legal.
    Ms. Blasingame went on
    to thank those who participated
    in Alumni Day, and
    commended them for their
    orderly behavior and school
    spirit. The Mayor joined in,
    mentioning the great turnout
    from out of town.
    By a unanimous vote,
    the Council authorized the
    payment of bills totaling
    The Fiscal Year 2019-
    2020 Budget Resolution
    introduced at the August 25
    meeting (Available at www.
    lafayetteforcitizens.org) was
    given a “Second Reading”,
    and the Budget Resolution
    was passed unanimously.
    No budget changes were
    mentioned. The Council
    scheduled a Work Session
    to precede the October 14
    Regular Council Meeting.
    On October 1, the City once
    again enters a new Fiscal
    Year without the Council
    having worked out a real
    Ms. Ann Gleaton, Superintendent
    of the Water and
    Sewage Plants, presented the
    bids for contracts for supplying
    chemicals for those plants

in the bid, and Ms. Gleaton
was not sure. Mr. Tucker
recommended a rebid on the
sodium hydroxide, and the
Council voted to accept all
the bids but the sodium hydroxide,
which will be rebid.
Police Chief George
Rampey recommended to the
Council that the City apply
for a $24,000 grant to provide
to his department some much
needed equipment, such as
bulletproof vests, body cameras,
tasers, etc. The Council
unanimously approved applying
for the grant.
Three deeds in the Handy
Cemetery were conveyed to
Terry Mangram, Shaundell
Martin and Keyosha Greer.
At this point, the Mayor
invited the crowd that had
gathered outside to enter
the Council Chamber. The
Council Proclaimed Sept. 23
to be Dr. Donald H. Busby
Day, honoring Dr. Busby
for his more than 30 years
of service to the community,
not only as a dentist,
but also serving in various
positions on the Board of
Dental Examiners, as Mayor,
President of the Rotary Club,
and a long list of other activities.
Dr. Busby expressed his
gratitude, and stated that he
had started his dental practice
in 1982, and had retired after
37years. He asked the citizens
to support his successor,
Dr. Adams, and expressed
the hope that she would also
be here for 37years. Video
available at www.lafayetteforcitizens.
Refreshments were served
to all those present, in honor
of Dr. Busby.

  1. for the 2019-2020 fi scal year.
    City Attorney “Mac” Tucker
    called attention to the fact
    that there was a low bidder
    for all but one of the chemicals,
    sodium hydroxide. In
    that case, there was a tie. Ms.
    Gleaton had recommended
    buying all the chemicals
    from the one bidder, but
    City Attorney “Mac” Tucker
    challenged that recommendation.
    Ms. Gleaton defended
    her recommendation because
    the delivery cost would be
    lower if all the materials were
    delivered by the same vendor.
    Mr. Tucker then asked if
    delivery costs were included