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Rezoning on tap for solar plant


By Alton Mitchell

LaFayette city council members will take time out later this month to look into rezoning a parcel of land in LaFayette that is soon to become of piece of the new massive solar power plant being built in the city.

Council members will look in rezoning a piece of land along the Alabama Highway 50 bypass. Officials have discovered that a portion of the lands that are needed by the power plant is zoned as R-2 and designated as residential.

The type of development that the Miami-based Origis Energy is building in LaFayette will require the land to be zoned with an M designation. Council members will make a decision to rezone the land near the old radio station in LaFayette on October 24th.

Council members do not foresee any complications with rezoning the land. This is based on several factors that include there are no residential developments in the immediate area. Also zoning of some land parcels in the area including directly across the street are already zoned as M-2.

This is one of the final hurdles left to get the project going. Local officials believe that dirt could be moving on the project and new workers coming to town as early as January or early in 2017. No definitive date has yet been set for the project to begin or construction crews to begin arriving and the early 2017 dates are just a rough estimate.