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Road projects approved


County Engineer Josh Harvil told the Chambers County Commission Monday night that nine projects submitted by the county for Phase II of the state’s ATRIP bond program have been approved. ATRIP is the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program instituted by Gov. Robert Bentley.

Chambers County had two projects funded in Phase I of ATRIP and plans to apply for more projects in Phase III.

Harvil said that the county submitted 11 projects for Phase II and the nine approved constitutes $11 million in road and bridge improvements.

Gov. Bentley announced Monday the statewide projects approved in Phase II that total ed 302 road and bridge projects that will be financed with bond sales. The cost for the 302 projects is $398 million. The total ATRIP projects approved since its inception now stands at 439 totaling $613 million. Local governments must match 20 percent of the project costs, and Chambers County is in the process of borrowing funds necessary to account for their share of the improvement costs. Harvil said the county’s match for the approved projects is approximately $1.8 million. There will be approximately a million left to match any grants approved in Phase III. Harvil indicated that improvements to Phillips Road would likely get approved in Phase III.

The projects funded in Phase II for Chambers County include the following:

•County Road 84 from Highway 50 to County Road 208, $1.4 million.

•County Road 299 from County Road 83 to County Road 208, $1.5 million.

•County Roads 289/222 from Highway 431 to County Road 216, $2 million.

•County Road 210 from County Road 84 to County Road 202, $790,000.

•County Road 222 from County Road 289 to Georgia state line, $1 million.

•County Road 258 from County Road 232 to the Randolph County line, $732,000.

•Airport Road in the City of Valley, $411,821.

•Fob James Drive in Valley, $895,601.

•Magnolia Road in Lanett, $469,633.