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Charlotte Blasingame
By Charlotte Blasingame

Are you counting the days it has rained? Rained on the first day of the month and every day since. 5 days.. 10 to go.. not done yet as we still have rain forecasted for the next few days! Let’s keep counting and see if June will have 15 rainy days!!

Rock Springs Baptist Church is having Bible School this week with LaFayette First Baptist next week and LaFayette Heights the following week.

June is always fun for the children as they attend the Bible schools in the area. Kudos to all the church workers and church staff. It is exciting but also a lot of work!

So sorry to hear Regena McDevitt fell and hurt her wrist. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
Hope everyone is making plans to attend a work day at Essie J. Handy Cemetery on B Street to help clean up and beautify the grounds. The Essie J. Handy Cemetery Historical Association is working hard to bring back the beauty of the cemetery but we need everyone’s help! If you have a loved one or you plan to be buried in this cemetery, we need your help. Let’s join together Saturday, June 24th 8 am till noon at the cemetery to clean up and help with the association’s vision to bring back its original beauty. We also have membership forms to be filled out by all who are interested in this project! Bring your shovels, weedeaters, chairs and any tool you think might be needed. We will have plenty of water and refreshments. Call Charlotte Blasingame Executive Director 334-276-9038 for information concerning this work day or any questions regarding the committee. Also the committee is on the agenda of a special meeting with our Mayor and City Council June 12 at 5:30 before the regularly scheduled City (Council meetings are held at City Hall) Council meeting begins at 6 pm. The public is invited to come and hear the vision the Historical Association has for the cemetery.

I can’t wait to post Thelma Sanders’ trip recently to Alaska. I know she has a lot to share and will try to have it for you next week!

Boot Camps are still being held in the area for the upcoming revival Freedom in Christ in July at Chambers Academy Football field!

Things are really looking up for LaFayette as far as eateries around here, I know I have been talking a lot about the former Dari Dee opening but I saw the new owner Jeff Ward the other day and have seen a lot of activities happening over there lately. They are striving to open this month.
Hopefully so, as there are so many inquiries and we are excited as a community to have more restaurants to enjoy.

Speaking of enjoying we can also add a much needed Pizza place here! The start hasn’t been the greatest as far as location for our new Pizza restaurant but rest assured we are getting the Pizza eatery after all, just a different location than the first intended. More to come on opening day!
Don’t forget to sign your child up for fall football and cheerleaders every Saturday morning at City Hall 9-12.. The LaFayette Parks and Recreation Chairman Councilman Toney Thomas along with his board and committee are working hard to have these opportunities for our children.
Your support is appreciated.

For all you racers out there let me remind you also that Penton Raceway will be open this week end! If you like the sound and thrill of hearing and seein these fast cars make plans to attend.
Just a heads up there is a possibility around Our Town might not be in next weeks edition as my daughter Anjanette Montano is flying in Thursday of this week to go with David and I to attend the 75th family reunion of my Mother’s family! Yep it all began in 1942 during the war! All I can figure out is I had 3 uncles serving in the military, and having 12 children, I guess my grandmother decided she needed to have a special family day to enjoy the ones who live near and far! Thankfully all my uncles returned home safely and the tradition has continued 75 years! It was first held June 10, 1942 and incidentally will be held on June 10, 2017. As some would say ” who would have ever thunk it”? Can you imagine the fun we have when we all get together, this year we anticipate over one hundred in attendance! With that being said Anjanette has to be at the airport inAtlanta Monday morning with her flight leaving at 7 am. No sleep for this Mamna but will be well worth it! If you have news for me just text 334-276-9038 or call me! I always look forward to your calls! Thanks for understanding! Please keep all our sick and shut-ins in your prayers. Relay for Life will be held June 24 the Rodeo Arena on in LaFayette. Get you a team together and let’s support this great cause!

Until next week