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Saloon seeks private club status


During Monday after-
noons Chambers County
Commission meeting in
LaFayette a local business
owner approached com-
mission seeking to change
the status of her license
in an effort to provide a
location for youth to spend
time in a rural part of
Chambers County.
Kerrie Welch is the
owner of the Southern
Saloon located on County
Road 237 in northern
Chambers County. The
rural bar which is often the
scene of weekly concerts
and fun in Chambers
County is looking for a
way to allow youth in the
area to come in and play
pool, enjoy a coke, and
stay out of trouble.
Welch believes the way
to do that would be to
change the classification
of the bar to a private club.
As of right now Welch
told commissioners that
her business only caters to
clients over the age of 19.
When she first opened the
business, she had several
younger people making
an attempt to get into the
Welch noted that several
young people in the area
do not have anything to
do and she hopes to allow
them to come into the busi-ess and shoot pool and
have a Coke in an effort to
stay out of trouble. Welch
told commission members
that she had spoken with
the ABC board and that
making the saloon a pri-
vate club would allow her
to allow persons under the
age of 19 in the business
for a limited time frame.
Welch also noted that
being classified as private
club would allow her
business to be open on
Sundays and generate ad-
ditional revenue. The issue
of Sunday alcohol sales
in Chambers County is
something that will already
appear on the ballot in
Commissioners made no
decision on the matter at
Monday’s meeting. County
Attorney Skip McCoy
noted that he will take a
look at the application she
submits to the ABC Board
in October and will take a
very close look at the time
change and how it will
work. There seemed to be
some concern about a time
change between getting
under age patrons out and
transition to allowing only
adults in.