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Security beefed up after threats at LHS


Security was tight at
LaFayette High School on
Friday as the school oper-
ated in what Chambers
County School Superin-
tendent Dr. Kelli Hodge
called a, “Secure Your
Area” protocol which was
active at the school on
Friday following a threat
made towards to faculty
members at the school.
Dr. Hodge has con-
firmed a threat was made
on Wednesday by way of
graffiti within LaFayette
High School. The word-
ing of the graffiti was not
disclosed, but Dr. Hodge
has confirmed it did deal
with a threat against two
faculty members at the
As a precaution se-
curity at the school was
heightened on Friday.
Several LaFayette Police
Officers were visible at
the school through the
day on Friday. In ad-
dition, the school was
placed under the “Secure
Your Area” protocol
which just raises aware-
ness and security at the
school. Students and
teachers were inside of
the classrooms secured
most of the day on Friday
as part of the protocol.
The incident involv-
ing the threats has
been turned over to the
LaFayette Police Depart-
ment and they continue
to investigate the case.
There has been no word
of arrests as of yet related
to the incident. There has
also been no word of any
possible individual who is
suspected of making the
threat against the uniden-
tified faculty members at
LaFayette High School.
The school district and
LaFayette Police have
reported no incidents to
have occurred at LaFay-
ette High School on Fri-
day related to the threat