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Senior Spotlight


Zy’Kevis Ingram
My name is Zy’Kevis Ingram.

I am a Senior at Lafayette High School.

My parents names are Cedric and Alma Ingram.

They are the best parents any kid could ask for.
My future is very bright.
My plans are to attend college and major in psychology and I would also like to play college football.
My expectations in this football season is to of course win the region title and win a state championship.
To me that would mean so much to myself and to the great City of Lafayette, because some months back I was in a bad car accident breaking both wrists and both hands, two fingers on my left hand, three fingers on my right hand.

I also shattered my right femur bone. So ask me should I be here? NO! This was all in God›s Plan.
He spared my life that day on December 6th 2016 for a reason, I give all my praise to him.
I had just turned 17 the week before. 
The devil tried to take my life. But God came in.

God took me through the storm, God helped me overcome this. So, I just want to spread God’s Word and show people I do not look like what I’ve been through.
I just want to give back to my community and help people and also share my Testimony.