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Sheriff Talks About Precautions, No Virus Yet


By Jody Stewart

The threat of Covid-19 is everywhere, including the Chambers County Jail where inmates live in close quarters. “A single outbreak of the highly contagious virus could be dangerous,” said Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart. “We started taking precautions three weeks ago and stopped all visitors from entering the jail.”

As of now the Chambers County Jail has reported no inmates with symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, but they say they are taking as many measures as they can to keep the inmates safe and isolated.

A purple tent has been set up outside of the intake office for new arrests. All new inmates are given a health scan, which includes the taking of their temperature before being allowed into the building. The officer bringing the inmate to the jail is not permitted to go inside.

Furthermore, Lockhart says, “We are evaluating all employees when they come to work. We are checking each and everyone’s temperature daily. The health of all of the jail’s employees and all of the inmates is very important to me. We are limiting the outside exposure as much as possible and for now the inmates are not allowed out on work release.”