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Sheriff warns of jury duty scam


By Alton Mitchell

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is urging area residents to be aware of an ongoing scam involving a person falsely identifying themselves as a representative of the sheriff’s office in an attempt to obtain funds for a failed jury duty appearance.

According to information released by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the agency has been contacted by residents who have reported a caller notifying them they have missed jury duty. The department states the caller, who is usually a male, will identify themselves as a deputy sheriff and state the person has missed jury duty. As a result, a warrant or writ for their arrest has been issued.

The caller then states that the person can pay a fee or fine over the phone that will have the charge dismissed. The caller then instructs the individual to obtain a cash card, these can typically be purchased at stores like Walmart. The amounts have varied between $200-$1000 for the cash card. The caller is then instructed to call the imposter back with the card number and security code.

The Sheriff’s Department acknowledges that these calls are fake. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office indicates that their agency and the judicial system offices will never conduct financial transactions over the phone. The Lee County Circuit Court Clerks Office handles all court ordered fines and fee process not the Sheriff’s Office. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office advises anyone who receives one of these calls to not release any information to the caller.