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Shirley’s railroad bridge backdrop chosen


Local Professional
Photographer Dave
Shirley of Dave Shirley
Photography Studio
was chosen to design a
professional photography
backdrop for Print Trader.
This company is located
in the United States and
is a well-known Pho-
tography Company that
caters to professional
photographer around the
The image that was se-
lected was one of Dave’s
images of a local railroad
bridge located in down-
town West Point, GA.
This is the second time
within a few years time
that a photography back-
ground company has cho-
sen one of Dave’s images
for backdrop production.
Over the past 29 years
Dave has become well
known for his profession

al photography of High
School Seniors, families,
children and commercial
photography within the
Valley area as well as
within the professional
photography groups
around the United States.