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Signs You Aren’t Getting Any Younger

Signs You Aren’t Getting Any Younger


Old age is depressing. A few months ago I was playing a neighborhood game of 3-on-3 basketball and I jammed my left thumb. It still hasn’t healed and I fear

By Mike Wilcox, Publisher

arthritis has now set in. When the crawl space underneath my home had foundation and flooding problems I crawled under the 18-inch height only to struggle getting back out. I couldn’t believe my bones and muscles were so uncooperative.

But those aren’t the only problems onset by old age. I’ve listed a few other symptoms I think most of us are familiar with:

-I hear this all the time, and it is a constant battle for me. That is finding where I last set my reading glasses. I will search the house, the car, the garage over and over until finally I will realize they are on top of my head or around my neck. At that point I would like to strangle my neck.

-It’s Friday or Saturday night and you make plans to sleep in until 10 or 11 a.m., only to arise at your normal early morning time- 6 a.m. This happens to me all the time. No matter where or when I can’t sleep past 6 a.m. Maybe it is because, like most people turning old, I go to bed pretty darn early.

-Sometimes I just need to sit down and take a break. I haven’t gotten to the stage where I need a daily nap, but I can’t keep the pace of my younger years. Sitting down and taking a break is a must if my day is strenuous and taxing.

-You no longer care to attend a sporting event or concert in person. Forget the hub bub of a busy concert venue, the headaches of parking, and the ridiculously high refreshment pricing, staying home and watching the event on television is so much more relaxing and fun.

-You remember when you got a daily newspaper delivered to your doorstep. This one hurts, considering it is my profession. Delivered, printed newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur, and only us approaching old age can remember when they were the dominant source of news and advertising.

-You still prefer to print out directions on from Mapquest, than to squint at them from your phone. Heck, I remember before Mapquest, when your passenger was asked to look at the Rand McNally atlas to discern how best to get to a destination. To this day, however, Mapquest and I are on speed dial.

-You turn first to the obituary section of your local newspaper. I admit, sports are my first love and where I turn first, but obituaries are becoming a close second. I have started to count the number of friends younger than I that have passed in a given year. I guess death is eminent and it is starting to bother me.

-You could easily see yourself spending every day on the beach collecting seashells. I’m not sure this is representative of old age. I’ve always preferred the beach. There is something calming to me about being close to water. I suppose now that I’m older I yearn for the beach life more.

-The phrase, “You only live once,” has a whole new meaning. When you’re my age, it becomes increasingly important to complete your bucket list because you never know when you are going to ‘kick the bucket.’ I find myself wanting to complete tasks or purchase items I’ve always yearned for, because I’m not getting any younger and in fact, am getting closer to death.

Obviously this list could go on and on. Getting old is not a picnic. We all wish we could be 30 again, but what the hey, those twilight years can be enjoyed as well. I wake up every morning appreciating the fact that I am healthy, have a great family, an awe-inspiring job and a zest for life.

I hope you can say the same.