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Sledge arrested when she demanded money to keep murder details quiet


The wife of a former
Chambers County As-
sistant District Attorney
is finding herself on the
other side of the law
after she was arrested last
Thursday on five felony
charges. The recent arrest
is not the first time this
individual has recently
found herself in trouble
with local authorities
and the arrest adds to a
long and growing list of
charges the couple is fac-
ing in Chambers County.
According to a release
from the Valley Police
Department, on Thursday
July 5, 2018 Dorothy H.
Sledge, 62, of Valley was
arrested by investigators
from the Valley Police
Department on five counts
of Attempted Extortion 1st
degree. The department
indicates these offenses
are class C felonies.
Police indicate that
their investigation began
in mid-May, when an un-
identified victim reported
that they had received a
letter demanding money in
exchange for not releas-
ing information to law
enforcement authorities
concerning that persons
alleged involvement in a
Following the receipt
of the letters in May,
investigators indicate that
four more letters were sent
during the month of June
and early July. Police indi-
cate that there was named
location that was set as a
drop location. Valley Po-
lice placed those locations
under surveillance and
response letters were left
by law enforcement at the
location after each letter
demanding money was
During the surveil-
lance Dorothy Sledge was ecorded on three occa-
sions retrieving the letters
following her demands for
the money. On July 5th,
authorities arrested Sledge
and charged her with the
five counts of first degree
extortion. She was trans-
ported to the Chambers
County Detention Facility
in LaFayette where she is
awaiting a bond hearing.
Dorothy Sledge was
arrested in February
of 2018 after a grand
jury indictment for her
involvement in a fire at
home in October of 2017.
Sledge and her husband
former Assistant District
Attorney Roland Sledge
were charged in a danger-
ous house fire at 305 U.S.
Highway 29 in Valley last
October. Dorothy Sledge
was out on bond for those
charges when the latest
arrest occurred.