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Sleeping Beauty kicks off theatre season


At its annual Awards
Ceremony held May 8th,
New Horizon Theatre an

nounced its much antici-
pated 2018-2019 Theatre
“This season is all
about FUN,” said Bill
Nixon, Managing Artistic
Director for the group.
“It’s a season full of fun
for the audience, fun for
the sponsors, and fun for
the actors. As always, we
have tried to find some

thing for everyone.”
The season opens Au-
gust 23 – 25 with the chil-
dren’s musical “Disney’s
Sleeping Beauty, KIDS,”
featuring actors aged 5 to
12. Open audition dates
will be announced soon.
Based on one of the
most treasured Disney
animated films of all time,
and featuring some of the
world’s most memorable
songs, including “Briar
Rose” and “Once Upon A
Disney’s Sleep-
ing Beauty KIDS
is pure,
delightful fun.
On October 28 – 30,
NHCT will present the
classic comedy “The Curi-
ous Savage.”
The Curious Savage
is the story of an elderly
widow named Edith Sav-
age, whose husband has
left her ten million dollars.
She wants to make the
best use of it, in spite of
her grown step-children’s
efforts to get their hands
on it, including having her
committed to a sanatorium
hoping to “bring her to
her senses.” The Curious
Savage is a warm comedy
that compares the kind-
ness and loyalty of psy-
chiatric patients with the
greed and hostility of so-
called “normal people.”
Open Auditions for actors
aged 17 and up will be
held August 27 & 28.
The fun continues into
the Christmas Season with
the Jones, Hope, Wooten
contemporary comedy
“Dashing Through The
Trina, the harried, yet
upbeat innkeeper of the
Snowflake Inn has more
than she can handle cop-
ing with a colorful parade
of nuttier-than-a-fruitcake
lodgers. Hoyt and his
sister, Donna Jo try to end
a thirty-year feud between
their curmudgeonly aunts.
Ainsley and Lenora,
self-involved actors from
a lower-than-low-budget
touring production of A
descend on the Inn to
fulfill a promise. Add
an ill-advised romantic
rendezvous between Mrs.
Claus and one of Santa’s
elves, a demanding guest
who refuses to leave, a
tipsy housekeeper, and
it’s clear it will take more
than a kiss under the
mistletoe to keep Trina’s
spirits merry and bright.
AND . . . $1 from each
ticket sold will be donated
to a local charitable orga-
nization. Performances
will be December 13 – 15
and Open Auditions for
actors 21 and up will be
held October 22 & 23.
2019 starts off Febru-
ary 28 – March 2 with the
coming-of-age favorite,
“The Outsiders.”
Based on the popular
novel and the 1983 movie
that made household
names out of C Thomas
Howell, Rob Lowe,
Emilio Estevez, Matt Dil

lon, Tom Cruise, Patrick
Swayze, Ralph Macchio,
and Diane Lane, The
Outsiders deals with real
people, seen through the
eyes of Ponyboy, a young
“Greaser” caught up in
territorial battles between
the have-it-made rich
kids – the “Socs” – and
his tough, underprivileged
“Greaser” family and
friends. In the midst of
urban warfare, Ponyboy
can’t forget a Robert Frost
poem which speaks of
their fragile young lives,
saying “Nothing gold can
stay.” This is a play about
young people who are not
yet hopeless, about latent
decency in the midst of
struggle, about not losing
touch with the residual
slivers of gold within us
all. Open Auditions for
actors aged 13 – up will
be held January 7 & 8,
The season ends with
the wacky musical “The
Addams Family.” Featur-
ing all your favorite mem-
bers of America’s darkest
family, this musical farce
is all about love, family,
honesty, growing up, and
. . . the macabre! Join
Gomez, Morticia, Uncle
Fester, Grandma, Wednes-
day, Pugsley, Lurch, and
a host of other “normal”
people for an evening of
ghoulish laughter. Open
Auditions for actors aged
17 and up will be held
March 4 & 5, with perfor-
mance dates May 2 – 4.
New Horizon Theatre is
open to anyone interested
in the performing arts.
The group is comprised
of local volunteers and
is open to anyone inter-
ested in being a part of
the theater family. To
contact us, call the theater
at 706/643-PLAY (7529),
e-mail us at info@nhct.
org or visit the website at: