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Snake hunting, a Redneck’s dream


17 feet, 10 inches.
17 feet, 10 inches.
Paul Richardson

The Florida Burmese Python invasion has been well documented. We have talked about it several times in prior articles.

January 16th, the annual snake hunt returned, and officials invited anyone to participate who wants to wrestle a snake. And in the last two weeks, some monsters have been have been captured.

The voracious snakes (not native to the area) are abundant throughout south Florida and pose a threat to native wildlife, including birds, reptiles and small mammals.

The controversial python removal competition awards prizes for most pythons removed, and largest python.

This year, a record breaker was brought in, by a wildlife official of all people. The snake measured 16 feet, ten inches, the second biggest one yet captured. (The record is 18 ft, 7 inches captured in 2013.)

The wildlife official who captured this year’s monster is not eligible for any prizes. He was on patrol when he spotted the huge reptile sunning near the roadside.

The roundup will continue thru February 14.

If you have followed this story, the snakes, some were released by owners when they became too big to handle, and many hundreds of smaller ones escaped from pet warehouses during hurricane Andrew. They adapted immediately and thrived in the warm, wet Everglades.

During the past years of the Python invasion, hundreds of small pets have been reported missing in south Florida. And Conservation officials are quick to point out, the snake invasion continues to spread northward.