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Solar Farm nears completion


By Alton Mitchell

Officials with the city of LaFayette received an official update on the status of the solar plant project being built in LaFayette. The information provided gave city leaders and the public an idea of where the project stands and how soon it will be operational.

LaFayette Superintendent George Green advised members of the LaFayette city council that he had received a tour and project update from crews presently working at multi-million-dollar facility. Superintendent Green offered a report that showed the project is moving an accelerated pace and nearing completion.

Superintendent Green noted that the weather conditions over the past several months has created an environment that allowed crews to construct the facility at the accelerated pace. Green indicates that he was advised that 100% of panels have been installed at the facility and a few test runs of energizing parts of the facility have been completed successfully with further test set to be completed in the near future.

The plant is still employing about 150 people as of now, but those numbers will start to decline as the project is in the final stages of construction which includes erosion control and installation of grass. According to Green those 150 employees should remain in place until around Thanksgiving then downsizing will begin. However, some employees from the construction team will remain on the site until the end of the year.

The plant has a goal of around December 15th to be operational according to Green. Superintendent Green noted to council members that the project looks good and a positive step for LaFayette. Green also noted that he had recently visited the new Sunoco gas station on Highway 50. He notes things are going positive with that project and it may be open as early as next week.