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Southern Union offers academic boot camp


Southern Union State Community College saved potential students approximately $13,000 in tuition last year.
That is the amount of tuition that students avoided paying as a result of completing the college’s Academic Boot Camp which helped them test out of remedial classes that otherwise would have been required.

Students who do not have a specified score on the ACT or SAT test, are required to take the COMPASS placement test after they have submitted their application for general admission to the College. The COMPASS test offers placement into the course level recommended for academic success. Academic Boot Camp is suggested for students who have taken the COMPASS and placed in remedial or developmental courses (a course that begins with a zero).

“Boot camp is an intense discipline focused course which helps students improve scores on the COMPASS placement test and avoid taking developmental courses. As a result, students start to earn college credit quicker,” commented Dr. Linda North, dean of academics at SUSCC.

According to North, another huge advantage is the fact that fewer courses have to be taken, therefore, reducing the amount of tuition that must be paid overall. “We have had a 75 percent success rate (with boot camp) so far, resulting in a substantial savings in tuition for our students,” she added.

North added that the program also helps to increase retention rates at the college. Students often get “bogged down in developmental courses” and fail to move into the higher level courses. By completing the course, which offers individualized instruction in needed areas, students can review skills they have yet to master and are more likely to be successful in their core courses. Once the Boot Camp Session is complete, students are given the chance to retake the COMPASS test, hopefully improving their score and perhaps placing in a higher level class.

Boot camp sessions are available on the Valley Campus May 11-15; 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. ET; on the Wadley Campus July 13-16; 2:00 – 5:00 CT and in Opelika July 27-30 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. CT.

The cost for the Academic Boot Camp is $15. Students participating in the Boot Camp must supply a set of earphones for their own personal use. For additional information please contact Anya Looney at alooney@suscc.edu or (334) 745-6437, ext. 5401.