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Speed limit reduced on 278


By Alton Mitchell

An outcry for assistance by a group of residents from a small Chambers County community over the past several months did not fall on deaf ears, as members of the Chambers County Commission upheld their word and made a significant change to a roadway that residents saw as dangerous and a deathtrap in the making.
On Monday evening members of the Chambers County Commission were pleased to let members of the Standing Rock Community know that the speed limit on County Road 278 would be lowered to 45 mph from 55mph over a 6/10 stretch of road through the small community.

Commissioners announced the change was being implemented after residents had brought the issue to their attention that speeding in the densely populated and more developed area of the roadway could be a significant threat to residents.
In late April, the speed limit on County Road 278 was raised to 55 mph on a stretch of the road from U.S. Highway 431 to the Georgia State Line. The speed limit increase was following a recommendation by the state of Alabama to raise the limit in the area. Residents of Standing Rock attended multiple commission meetings to express their frustration and fear with the speed limit increase.
At the commissions last meeting several residents from the area addressed county commissioners and commissioners announced they would act on the roadway. Commissioners announced the speed limit change will only impact the 6/10 of a mile section of the roadway through the Standing Rock community. The remainder of the highway will remain at 55 mph.

As commissioners finished their statement on the speed limit change, residents of Standing Rock were heard in the courtroom giving commission members a strong thank you for their swift attention to the matter.