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Spotlight on Eastside Teacher – Shenika Threadgill


By Pam Holloway
The winner of The La-
Fayette Sun’s « How do
you get ready your room
ready or school competition
is Mrs. Shenika
Mrs. Threadgill, is a
2nd grade teacher at Eastside
Elementary School
in Lafayette.
This is Mrs. Threadgill’s
8th year teaching
in Lafayette. Her favorite
subject is Science. Favorite
color is Pink. Favorite
season is Fall. Favorite
sport is Basketball and
Cheerleading. Favorite
Restaurant is Olive
Garden. Favorite Hobby
is watching T.V.. Favorite
food is chicken Quesadillas.
Favorite drink is
Starbucks Frappucinno.
Favorite store is Target.

Favorite Candy is ALL
things chocolate. Favorite
Book is Chevrolet Webb.
Mrs. Threadgill grew
up in Thomasville Georgia.
She moved to Alabama
with her husband
Coach Obadiah Threadgill
in 2005.
She and her husband
have a 5 year old daughter
named Tatum and a 12
year old fur baby named
Mrs. Threadgill earned
a bachelors degree from
Albany State University,
and a masters degree from
Auburn University at
Threadgill’s goals this
year for her students are
to ensure they are successful
each day that they
start fresh, and work diligently,
improvise, adapt
and overcome their
Each year, Mrs

Threadgill likes to do a
different theme in her
classroom. It helps to
differentiate the different
groups of students each
“I’ll always remember
this group as the “flower
class”! said Mrs. Threadgill.
“Overall, I just really
like for my classroom to
be comfortable and inviting.
I want it to feel like
a place where students
feel safe. I take pride in
creating an environment
where students enjoy being.
When they are happy
in their learning environment,
they are more
willing to give their best
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