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Squirrel Takes Out Lanett Power on Christmas Eve


On Christmas Eve, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, the power went out through out parts of Valley and Lanett. This left not only retailers unable to allow the public to shop but also a high amount of local traffic with out traffic lights. Law Enforcement could be seen directing traffic at busy intersections such as the one in front of Kroger on Highway 29.

The power was out from 8:45am until 12:15pm, or approximately 3:45 minutes. Lanett Electric Department tracked down the problem and found it to be with the city’s main power substation, which is located behind Chambers County Development Authority office. It was reported from a lineman that a squirrel had got inside of the station and blown everything up.

The city of LaFayette experienced similar problems back on April 24th of 2018 when a transmission line failed near the solar farm. The City was without power nearly a full day.

Mayor Kyle McCoy stated the electrical department did a great job in getting the power restored as quickly as they did.

The city has netting and cages to keep squirrels out of the substation, but Mayor McCoy stated that if a squirrel wants to get in he will find a way in.

The city of Lanett has 3,400 electrical customers.