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Standing Rock homeowners protest higher speed limit


By Alton Mitchell

A group of residents from the Standing Rock community in Chambers County converged on LaFayette on Monday evening to address the Chambers County Commission on growing concerns with a recent speed limit increase in their community along a busy Chambers County road.

The Standing Rock community is a small unincorporated community located along Chambers County 278 between U.S. Highway 431 and the Georgia State Line near West Point Lake. The community is largely nestled along Chambers County 278 and is made up of mostly homes and churches.

The small community recently had its speed limit raised from 45 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour. The move to raise the speed limit was approved by County Commissioners on May 15th. Members of the Standing Rock Community are displeased with the increase and feel it’s a growing safety concern for their community.

A resident who was identified as Joel approached commission members and explained the layout of the Standing Rock Community. Joel explained that in a short course there are seventeen homes that are surrounded by twists, turns, and hills on 278. Many of the driveways of those homes go into the roadway and speeding motorist are making it difficult and dangerous for residents to safely get out of their driveways.

Commissioners listened to the concerns of residents as they were read out. The County Commission advised it usually does not rule on comments from the public at the time they are first discussed because it overstays the 3-minute time limit. The six residents who were at the meeting were allowed to discuss their concerns with County Engineer Josh Harvill and District 3 Commissioner Joe Blanks following the close of the regular commission meeting.