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State, local candidates await Tuesday’s results


By Alton Mitchell

The ballot boxes have been filled throughout the polling stations in Chambers County and with the votes counted and the victors basking in their newly awarded victories, the primary election of 2016 in Alabama is one that is in the history books. While the primary election put a strong focus on the largely packed presidential race, a few local elections were also decided on Tuesday.

The poll stations in Chambers County opened up on Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. and those stations remained open until 7 p.m. Aside from the big names on the ballot like Clinton, Sanders, Rubio, Trump, Carson, and Cruz. Local voters were also able to see names such as; Rodgers, DiChiara, Jones, Shelby, and many more

A drive around LaFayette and other areas of Chambers County over the past months have shown a growing sea on popular corners of campaign signs. Those names mentioned on those signs were not just lawn ornaments, but rather a push to let local voters know who wanted to represent the voting public in various elected positions.

One of the largest races in Chambers County was for the U.S. Senate Seat that was held by Senator Richard Shelby. Shelby has held that senate seat for a total of five terms. He was challenged by four other Republican candidates that included; Shadrack McGill, Jonathan McConnell, Marcus Bowman, and John Martin, Two democrats also challenged Shelby for his seat on the U.S. Senate they included Charles Nana, and Ron Crumpton.

The seat for the Third Congressional district was also challenged. The seat has been held by U.S. Representative Mike Rodgers. Rodgers was challenged by Larry DiChiara, an Auburn native and longtime educator and academic administrator.

In local area races one of the hottest was for the Chambers County District Attorney. In that election there are two Republican candidates seeking election they include Damon Lewis and William Harris. Both men have strong ties and histories with the Chambers County law enforcement community. With Harris being a long time law enforcement officer and now an attorney practicing out of the Valley area. Lewis has worked in the District Attorney’s office for over a decade.

The seat for the District 2 position of the Chambers County Commission was also being challenged as Commissioner James E. Brown was attempting to hold his position against Douglas Jones.

Chambers County has had its day in the spotlight of the primary elections. While the hottest names on the ballot surrounded the Presidential election, yet the politics that really matter locally were just as important on the Tuesday ballot. The primary is over, but now with the decisions passing the first phase of acceptance the real battle begins as candidates in all races heat up their campaigns and move forward to attempting to convince local voters that they are the best candidate for the upcoming job.