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STEAM program sharpens students skills


Got STEAM?? This
year summer program
is being held at Eastside
STEAM stands for:
Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, and
Students enrolled in
this program are led
through the Scientific
Method by conducting
experiments such as:
cabbage testing, rocket
launches, and program-
ming robots. Funding for
this enrichment camp is
provided through federal
monies and a state grant.
Its purpose is to sharp-
en students’ content area
skills through hands-on
learning experiences.
Chambers County
Schools’ Career Technical
Center provides real-life
experiences for STEAM
students such as: teach-ing them about force and
velocity through rocket
building and launches,
and by showing them
how to correctly care
for plants and animals
and to utilize technol-
ogy through coding and
graphic arts.
The kids are having so
much fun while learning!