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Stew brings crowd to Ridge Grove


Hundreds came to enjoy the famous Brunswick Stew. – Photo by Jody Stewart
Nothing brings a community together in the south like a good Old-fashioned BBQ, which includes Brunswick stew. Besides politics and religion another controversial topic in the south is how to cook that Brunswick stew. Some folks like it sweet while others like it tart, but there is no question Ridge Grove has mastered the recipe.

The Ridge Grove Community has a long history of coming together and cooking up a pot of stew. Some say it has been going on since 1930. Back then neighbors would get together and some would donate vegetables from the garden , while others donated a hog. In the end it was fellowship and everyone was sent home with dinner.
Today, the tradition of cooking the stew carries on at the Ridge Grove Fire Department where descendants from those long ago relatives still stir the pots.

This weekend hundreds flocked down county road 48 to set down and enjoy some famous Ridge Grove Brunswick Stew. This has become a semi-annual event to support the local volunteer fire department. Don’t worry if you missed this one there will be another one in the fall.