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Stray dog issue worsens; City to take action


By Alton Mitchell

LaFayette city council member Tammie B. Williams has been expressing concerns over stray dogs roaming the city of LaFayette for several months. On Monday evening, the District E Councilwoman took a more frustrated tone with fellow council members in a request for action and news revealed by Mayor Barry Moody shows that help may be on the way soon.

Councilwoman Williams advised fellow council members of an incident that had recently occurred at her residence in which a stray Pitbull chased members of her family back into her home. The incident the councilwoman spoke of was something that councilman Toney B. Thomas could relate to after an incident earlier in the day on Monday where city crews were dispatched to remove a vicious dog in his district. Councilman Thomas also noted two calls from members of his district in the past week about the dog situation.

The two council members expressed their concerns over the growing problem of stray and vicious dogs roaming the streets of LaFayette unchecked. Councilwoman Williams continues to feel that the situation is getting to a point where someone will be injured by one of these animals. This forecast of fear came as the councilwoman spoke of situations of residents being trapped in their vehicles as dogs roamed outside the cars.

Mayor Barry Moody offered some new information on where the city stands in getting a solution to the dog situation facing LaFayette. The mayor announced that he had met with Superintendent Green and Police Chief Ben Hill and the had an individual who should be coming on board to help combat the dog problem as a possible city dog catcher. The individual officials are looking at will work with the city of Lanett and see how the local government handles the situation. The city also announced there will be no cap on the time devoted to getting this situation resolved.

In addition to the city looking to get a dog catcher on duty the city is also devoting an individual to work as a code enforcement officer to help tackle dilapidated property in LaFayette. The individual the city is looking at will identify properties around the city of LaFayette in depilated condition and will record the physical address, a photo, and which council members district the property is in.

No timeline was given as to when the new enforcement officers should be in place and on the streets of LaFayette. However, in the meantime residents who have pets such as dogs of a vicious breed are urged to secure their animals through methods such as leashes or fencing. This can help to prevent injury to the animal or another resident by the animal. Residents who are having problems with dogs near their residence can call the city for assistance at (334)864-1083.