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Students explore careers at tech center


Dozens of elemen-
tary school students from
across Chambers County
recently made the trip to
LaFayette and were able
to explore the options of
Chambers County Schools
Career Tech facility. The
students in attendance
were able to gain a wealth
of knowledge about ca-
reers and the offerings that
the career tech program
offers to local students.
On October 24, 2018
Fourth Grade students
from all elementary
schools in Chambers
County came to the Career
Tech facility for the Fourth
Grade Visitation Day.
During the visitation day
students from were able
to explore and experience
the roles of various careers
with the assistance of a
counselor from Career Tech.
The counselors gave
students knowledge about
careers during a teaching
forum of career lessons.
The elementary students
were able to get a first-
hand look and experience
some of the roles that
could be taught at the local
Career Tech facility. Many
of the careers included
items such as strong
in-demand fields such as
medical professions.