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Sunday alcohol sales on ballot


By Alton Mitchell

Voters in Chambers County will have an opportunity to vote in favor or against a proposal that would allow Sunday alcohol sales in the county on the November ballot. After clearing hurdles in the Alabama State Legislature with the assistance of State Representative Issac Whorton the decision to bring the alcohol sales to Chambers County on Sundays is in the hands of the voters of Chambers County.

According to County Attorney McCoy the bill was passed through the Alabama House and Senate with the assistance of Representative Whorton. The bill passed on Tuesday March 27, 2018 in what was a shorter than average Legislative section lasting only 26 days as opposed to the normal 30-day period.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill on this past Saturday April 7th. The timing of the Governor signing the bill made it too late to get on the primary ballot on June 4th, but does allow voters to vote on the bill on November 6th when they hit the polls. If approved by local voters Chambers County will allow the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday’s. The move has been seen by many municipalities across the state as a source of additional revenue generation to assist with local budget crunches.